Trap and Sporting Clays

Trap and Sporting Clays

The Trap and Sporting Clays ranges currently have more than 60 traps supporting 19 shooting positions for use by members and guests.

The trap field in front of the club house, pictured above, includes 3 formal trap houses.

Sporting Clays stations start with the 5 stand in the right of the picture above. In addition there are sporting clays stations on either side of the skeet field. The remaining shooting stations are locate on the mid-range of the high-power range. There are more than 45 state-of-the-art traps support the shooting positions; most shooting positions can control 4 traps. Each trap holds approximately 270 clays.

Each Trap and Sporting Clays station operates independently. Voice or button activation is enabled for the shooters experience. Trap and Sporting Clays ranges can be used in events or independently by members any time during open range hours. A target key system is deployed to enable independent use by members.

The trap ranges are lighted for evening shooting.

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September 16, 2016